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Photo mount vernon plate

Include the names of the bride and groom as well as the date of the wedding on each dinner plate for the wedding party at the head table; they take the plate home as a gift and remembrance of the celebration.

Display beautiful 12″ charger plates for the bride and groom at the reception; often a gift from the parents.

Create unique plates with photos of local interest and give these as gifts to all that attend the event or just special guests.

Customize tableware that can be added to a gift registry; a complete set of monogrammed dinnerware or a set with your family crest!

“I cannot express to you and the staff what an excellent product you produced in such a short period of time…. Many, many thanks to you for working diligently with me. I appreciate every effort you made to make this work for me.”

Thank you so much,



“We gave the platter to the groom and his bride this weekend- It was a big hit! He just sent a text and said the wedding platter we made for them was the best gift he has ever received! Pretty nice!!! We are happy! Again- thank you for rushing the job! It all worked out great and we love your company!! Thanks again-  hope to use you again soon and not such a rush the next time.”

Sarah Jones